How to get less for the dollar.

They call it shrinkflation. Ever hear of it? It’s when a packaged product is reduced in size or weight but sold at the old price. No price reduction but quantity reduction instead. For a recent example you probably have noticed a roll of toilet paper has become a half inch narrower but sold at itsContinue reading “How to get less for the dollar.”

What happened to my zipper?

Now here is an article I found in today’s Chicago Tribune about a subject I’ve been railing about for a few years now. It the article comes from a weekly column called “Answer Angel.” Mostly a fashion advisory column. None the less I absolutely concur with the writer Charles. No relation. Here it is: “DearContinue reading “What happened to my zipper?”

My Britches.

I’m too big for my britches. I pull my pants up around my stomach and tighten my belt and it quickly slips down under my pregnant-looking belly. So I keep pulling them up and once again they slip down under the fatso protrudance. The frontal bumper. The belly that looks like a pot. None theContinue reading “My Britches.”