Biography: Cokie Roberts.

Book Report
Most of us had followed this woman’s career ever since the early days of PBS and NPR. A woman who knew Washington inside out and all around. Up until her recent death she was heard each week explaining politics on NPR’s Morning Edition. Earlier in her career she was seen on weekends ‘talking-head’ news shows as well on ABC’s Nightline with Ted Copple. Some may have thought she grew up living in the Capitol building itself. Born to two distinguished politicians and author of “I am my mothers’ daughter.” So why did she not follow their public service example as a representative. She could have easily become the first female President while raising her own kids and doing the laundry while briefing a cabinet meeting. She was the consummate friend and observer of American legislative politics. She was daughter, wife, mother, friend, and savvy political commentator. All the while thinking of herself as mother first and promoter of her husband’s journalist career. My own personal observation, is she was pretty darn good looking but not full of herself. TV camera-ready. She was well prepared, calm, confident, and most knowledgeable.
The book title: Cokie, a life well lived by Steven B Roberts, biography, family, politics and the news media. 2021
Library of Congress annotation:

“The author explores the life and legacy of trailblazing female journalist Cokie Roberts. He discusses her many career accomplishments, her personal life, and her commitment to living each day with a devotion to helping others.”
If you obtain the audiobook version, Steve Roberts reads the book and does a very good job. Read it. You’ll like it.

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