The slowest fast food I’ve ever had.

Fast food eatery I will never go to again.
Carl’s, Jr. To begin with and in retrospect this is Carl’s routine go-to policy. Let me explain. We just exited I-40 and drove up to the Carl’s, Jr. Drive-thru to make an order. Their outside menu showed they have various chicken items. Both sandwiches and chicken strips and they also had on their outside menu vanilla and chocolate milk shakes. However, the person inside and speaking through the outdoor speaker told us the drive-thru was closed and come inside to make your order. We did so thinking they must be a bit short handed on the inside today. We just came off the highway and was hoping to continue on with our trip after receiving an order at the window. But anyway, we went inside. Inside we gave our order. A chicken sandwich, chicken strips, fries, and I wanted a small chocolate milk shake. They told us they did not have any chicken what so ever. Then they told us they do not have any milk shake mixes either. Consequently, all they had was two or three kinds of hamburgers. So, we ordered two burgers to go. Then we asked for a Coke and sprite. No, they had only Root beer. To repeat they had no chicken, no milk shakes, and no Cokes or Sprites. Well then, had they told us this outside at the drive-thru order station we would have driven on. And I am certain this is what Carl’s was thinking we and others would do. A McDonalds was nearby. The maddening thing is once they have you inside you are almost compelled by frustration or embarrassment to take what they have. Again, and to repeat this is an obvious Carl’s, Jr. policy. And I will never drive through a Carl’s, Jr. ever again.

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