Book Report: Three books for the price of one.

Book Report.
Here is John Grisham times three. A compilation of novellas in one bound volume. Grisham first takes us back to familiar territory with one of his favorite attorney characters. Jake Brigance is contacted by an ex-lawyer friend who skipped town with some client’s cash, left his wife and family, and escaped to Costa Rica to live the Jimmy Buffett life. But after three years away wants to come back and re-establish relationship with his daughters. But his homecoming plans don’t work out so well.
Second short story follows almost minute by minute the last three hours of a death-row inmate named Cody. A young man who was an accomplice to a double murder but did not pull the trigger. After many years of appeals the kid is facing the last few moments of his life. But then Cody receives a surprise wheelchair bound visitor. An older woman who has always believed in him and sent him books to read. Then later after his last meal Cody asks the prison guard with just minutes left for a special favor. He begs the guard to allow him to go outside and view the ‘strawberry’ moon one last time before his execution.
The third and last story pits sparring and contentious lawyer brothers into one big double-crossing scheme against the brothers imprisoned ex-lawyer father. Their father and his accountant hold in an off-shore bank account big money from a huge tobacco settlement. However, the brothers offer a cut to the accountant to access the off-shore account. Plus sharing a cut with their woman office manager. Then their scheming plans don’t seem to work out.
The title of the book is “Sparring Partners’ by John Grisham, short story fiction and legal issues, 2022. Grisham had partially written three stories with the intent to expand each into a full novel but decided to create three novellas instead and publish in one volume.
The story about the death row inmate is most compelling. The other two are just icing on the cake. My comments: All are most readable. Read them. You’ll like them.

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