There are no Starbucks on Mars.

Mars or bust.
Why are we in such a fever to go to Mars? Couldn’t we be just as happy going to the Moon? The Moon is so much closer. Just think of all the money that could be saved by only flying to the Moon. Possibly we might find Martians on the Moon. Is that who we are looking for? Or is Mars the only science experiment we are interested in.
But anyway, who really is interested in Mars exploration? Rocket scientist? Geologists? Archeologists? Climatologist? Mineralogists? Network news anchors? Or maybe just land developers? Who knows? What would we expect to find when we get to Mars
It has been estimated it would take at least 75 to 100 different specialized scientists and engineers in one trip to create a livable environment in order to inhabit Mars. Along with medical doctors and other medical professionals. Plus a few individuals willing to procreate and colonize Mars. Read the book Dr. Strangelove.
As far as I know at this time there is no current engineered rocketing means of coming back to Earth. No such returning rocket or space shuttle. But I have been known to be in error about subjects like this.
This is all to not mention it will take approximately six months just to get to Mars. Could you imagine being stuck in the middle seat for six months? However, it takes less than a week rocketing to the Moon. To me the Moon has more commercial possibilities.
Both planets have a somewhat hostile environment. Low gravity, no breathable air, and depending how you face the sun a person can freeze on one side facing away from the Sun and burn up facing the sun. So, wearing a heavily insulated suit would be required to travel alfresco outside an artificial environment.
Now tell me, who really would want to go to Maars anyway? Young unattached scientifically trained adults I guess. People who are focused on exploration and experiment and not too attached family left behind. Again, they might not ever come back to Earth. But think about it, most of the folks traveling on the Mayflower away from the motherland way back when never returned.
But before you head off into deep space consider these possible scenarios, where would you go to buy your Starbucks white lattes and stale pastry on Mars? There is no cell-phone coverage on Mars either. It might be a few years before a Super-cuts opens for business on Mars. What would anybody on Mars do without a Trader Joes? However, all of this could easily be constructed on the Moon. Perhaps the Moon will need a Chamber of Commerce in order to lure visitors to the Moon instead. “Take advantage of our special two-week round trip offer for only $375,000. Includes hotel with complimentary breakfast. Ground transportation and gratuities not included.”
‘Fly me to the Moon. Let me play among the stars.’

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