Where is that guy who created Toy Story?

Whatever happened to John Lasseter? Remember John Lasseter? He and Steve Jobs started Pixar. The animation studios that produced Toy Story and other computer animated movies including Cars. Read the book ‘Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Many pages were devoted to explaining who John Lasseter was back then. But sadly he was released from DisneyContinue reading “Where is that guy who created Toy Story?”

That was a close shave.

Just a close shave. Darn! My electric shaver is broke. The head and foil has come apart. I thought I had another to replace it with but discovered I do not. This got me to thinking. What if I grew a beard? I tried it once or twice when in college. The miscellaneous scruff IContinue reading “That was a close shave.”

Keep those freaking hackers out!

I don’t understand why they do this. If we don’t want hackers to hack into our power grid or utilities or pipelines for Pete sakes, take them off-line. The only operational access should be from the inside of the facility or control center. An authorized operator must be in the building or facility in orderContinue reading “Keep those freaking hackers out!”

User friendly? Bah Humbug.

I have three desktops. A Mac Mini, a Windows ten, and a windows XP. Of the three the XP is easiest to operate. Fortunately for me the basic XP works quite well. With the exception of browsing on the net. Googling is somewhat easy but can’t click on the links. The old IE8 browser isContinue reading “User friendly? Bah Humbug.”

1950s voice recognition.

Some things were best left alone to its own unique device. A good idea gone bad? A communication instrument that was user friendly and had ease of operation. Very simple and fast. Just pick up and talk into the heavy black phone receiver and it would follow your commands. Usually. However this was 1952. Wilson,Continue reading “1950s voice recognition.”