I am a longtime sepratist.

I absolutely believe Church and State should be separate. Never the twain shall meet. Church should take care of its own business. And the same for the state. Stay out of church business. Church business should never present itself before the Supreme Court. The state business should never be settled in church by church people.Continue reading “I am a longtime sepratist.”

Texas going back to Cave Man rules.

Returning to their cave. What’s the matter with Texas? The governor and the legislature seem to be once again under the control of cave men. Absolutely coming from a different pile of rocks in the ground than its civilized Texas citizens. Big bushy hair state wonks returning back to a caveman status taking on anContinue reading “Texas going back to Cave Man rules.”

On my soapbox.

Here is the chance for churches to redeem themselves. Evangelicals could extend their stance on “Pro-life.” They could extend their Pro-life beyond birth. Yes, beyond birth. As it is now almost all church people generally lose interest in the young single mother and her new born immediately after the child is born. Leaving single momsContinue reading “On my soapbox.”