Gee whiz I wished I had kept it.

Yes, I loved my 1958 Volkswagen Beetle. I bought it off a used car lot in Inglewood California back in 1968 for about $300. Just basic transportation to and from school. The Volkswagen featured an air-cooled rear engine and the most manual auto of its time. Roll-down windows, four speed stick shift, small oval rearContinue reading “Gee whiz I wished I had kept it.”

Freaking Freeways

The omnipotent self-important state highway pinheads who want to widen major freeways in southern California should rethink their road and transportation strategy. More and/or wider freeways, as they propose, only serve to congest and pollute. It would place more diesel belching stinky trucks traveling over already polluted highways. Plus remove by demolishing low income housesContinue reading “Freaking Freeways”