Painted mostly black.

Back in my collegiate years and commuting from the little town of Inglewood to Pepperdine University I found it necessary to purchase a second car. While I was in college my wife drove our only car to her work in Westchester. Necessitating the need for a second car for me. Just a car for reliableContinue reading “Painted mostly black.”

Gee whiz I wished I had kept it.

Yes, I loved my 1958 Volkswagen Beetle. I bought it off a used car lot in Inglewood California back in 1968 for about $300. Just basic transportation to and from school. The Volkswagen featured an air-cooled rear engine and the most manual auto of its time. Roll-down windows, four speed stick shift, small oval rearContinue reading “Gee whiz I wished I had kept it.”