Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.

`Story time rewrite. The original version of the story just does not work. The rough edges need some buffing and sanding down in order to present it responsibly to your grandchildren. Kids today just could never go for guts and gore. So, sanitizing the original story is most necessary. But all of this is dependentContinue reading “Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.”

It’s all how you mitigate the story.

My job as Papa? Still narrating stories for my seven-year old granddaughter at bed time. But been accused of morphing the original Brothers Grimm Fairy tale narrative into something more like a Hanna-barbera cartoon. You know the two guys who came up with the Flintstones and Yogi Bear cartoon series. Well, why not. The originalContinue reading “It’s all how you mitigate the story.”