Holy cow! More books to read.

If you are into dog rescue…

If you are into Christmas…

If you are into murder mystery…

Here is a book series for you. They are called the Andy Carpenter Mysteries by David Rosenfelt. The Andy Carpenter character is a successful trial lawyer with bags of cash in his bank account. His first love is his dog rescue organization located in Patterson, New Jersey. His wife Lori is a former cop and now gun toting private investigator and mom. Her first love is anything Christmas. And Christmas starts way before the boundaries of the season and after. The two of them have a somewhat snarky in your face and a bit tongue in cheek relationship. Some of the dialogue between the two is snippy Jersey humor but it most obvious they love each other. Which is to say Lori is the protector and Andy is the cowardly but savvy attorney. The author of these books David Rosenfelt certainly knows proper court procedures and absolutely knows the law as written into the various books Rosenfelt has penned. The reader gets a comprehensive and well thought out murder mystery in each book. But what I suggest you do is to download the audio books which are voiced by Grover Gardener. A reader with a ‘Wise guy’ Jersey brogue and an excellent voice actor. Each book has some kind of dog connection in the title. Such as ‘The Twelve Dogs of Christmas’ or ‘Best in Snow.’ But anyway, the reader gets a pretty good murder mystery punctuated with a bit of Jersey dry humor. To me the Andy Carpenter mysteries are escape from the John Grisham or James Grippando legal thrillers.

None the less, here a few of David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter mysteries:

Title: Best in Snow Andy Carpenter Mystery by David Rosenfelt fiction 2021

Title: Deck the Hounds an Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt fiction 2019

Title: Dog eat dog an Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt fiction 2021

Title: Silent Bite an Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt fiction 2020

And there are about a dozen more. I love Rosenfelt’s sence of humor. Read or listen to the books. If you find the print book at the library they are about 250 pages or more each. Not a long read but long enough to insert between the big name block buster books. Some violence and occasional raw language. Read’em. You’ll like’em.

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