Book Report: Three books for the price of one.

Book Report. Here is John Grisham times three. A compilation of novellas in one bound volume. Grisham first takes us back to familiar territory with one of his favorite attorney characters. Jake Brigance is contacted by an ex-lawyer friend who skipped town with some client’s cash, left his wife and family, and escaped to CostaContinue reading “Book Report: Three books for the price of one.”

Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.

`Story time rewrite. The original version of the story just does not work. The rough edges need some buffing and sanding down in order to present it responsibly to your grandchildren. Kids today just could never go for guts and gore. So, sanitizing the original story is most necessary. But all of this is dependentContinue reading “Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.”

Write me a story.

Stepping lively in her new pink New Balance running shoes, Michael Anna was speeding between ancient class buildings. In a big freaking rush to get to her Third-World Economic class she was to lecture as an adjunct. Being a first semester senior, she had agreed to occasionally lecture with the agreement that the university wouldContinue reading “Write me a story.”

Looking for a good ending.

Writer’s challenge. He was in a rush picking out a last pair of socks from his sock drawer. Discovering, to his horror, one sock was brown and the other red and white stripe. He was miffed because he was late to a significant business meeting with his bankers. However, he was hoping to find pantsContinue reading “Looking for a good ending.”