I need to occupy my brain with something else.

Senior mind wanderer. I’m not sure it’s just mindless fantasizing or a sign of getting old. Especially getting old and not wanting it. Mind wondering back to teenage days. Teenage days as in thinking about teenage girls. Remembering Lucy, Vickie, Pat and Pat, Terry, Mr. Oddi the boy’s vice principal’s daughter Cheryl. What cuties theyContinue reading “I need to occupy my brain with something else.”

Call the bum out.

It was a really nice mild spring evening 1962. My friend Ron and I were at Dodger Stadium to watch an early season baseball game. What a beautiful ball park the Dodgers have. The outfield grass trimmed nice and even with a lush field of green. Dirt infield raked and smooth. All just right forContinue reading “Call the bum out.”