Just in case there is a Pop quiz.

Here is your homework for today. Autocracy. You need to define autocracy. It means to rule by one person. Often considered a dictatorship. Look it up. All through the years of the Trump administration it was ruled by an authoritarian rule and mostly from one person. Surely you believe Webster’s dictionary, right? But as weContinue reading “Just in case there is a Pop quiz.”

How many of you would like to move to Russia?

Let’s see a show of hands. If you do many rights and privileges will be taken away. Russia is an autocratic governed country. A political system some here recently would like to switch to. Getting rid of democracy as a result. Speak ill of the autocratic government and you might be poisoned or put inContinue reading “How many of you would like to move to Russia?”

Autocracy or Democracy?

I am looking, as a registered Independent, at both sides of the political system. A system ruled by the few or by a full representation. What does America need or want? How would you choose? Therefore we need to make a decision on how we are governed. Who or what do we want to be?Continue reading “Autocracy or Democracy?”