Lets do a little A and B’ing.

So, let’s compare. Let’s compare party policy or as they use to say, platforms. Comparing what Republicans want from an election and their candidates versus the Democrat proposed policies or party platform and their candidates. Look this up from a credible source or call your respective party or candidate to verify. This is policy andContinue reading “Lets do a little A and B’ing.”

Write me a story.

Stepping lively in her new pink New Balance running shoes, Michael Anna was speeding between ancient class buildings. In a big freaking rush to get to her Third-World Economic class she was to lecture as an adjunct. Being a first semester senior, she had agreed to occasionally lecture with the agreement that the university wouldContinue reading “Write me a story.”

How to feed college kids.

I live in a college town. And I’m not a student. Just a retired guy. None the less I live in a bustling and busy town of post secondary students. As witnessed by others and me have notice about thirty-thousand teens and post teens shuffling about. Moving about on foot, on electric scooters, and motorbikes.Continue reading “How to feed college kids.”

Just in case there is a Pop quiz.

Here is your homework for today. Autocracy. You need to define autocracy. It means to rule by one person. Often considered a dictatorship. Look it up. All through the years of the Trump administration it was ruled by an authoritarian rule and mostly from one person. Surely you believe Webster’s dictionary, right? But as weContinue reading “Just in case there is a Pop quiz.”

Okies at school. Not all schools were this bad.

Charlie Boy the Okie sixth grader. This was 1956 in the sixth grade. My sixth grade teacher’s name was, and I’m not joking, Miss Longnecker. This is the truth. She was a “plus-size” woman. Fat and sometimes used a cotton braded rope as a belt for her tint size dress. She had long thin spindlyContinue reading “Okies at school. Not all schools were this bad.”

To hell with partisan politics.

I’m tired of it. We need someone or some group who can keep us on an even Kiel. The last president did his best to run our country into the ground. He was more taken by authoritarians and rogues than people vested in normal American politics. We knew he was capable of this by hisContinue reading “To hell with partisan politics.”

Let us pretend…

Let’s pretend I am a high school principal and school district administrator in a school district with a half dozen schools. One high school, one middle school, and about four or so elementary schools. And as it should be all parents is demanding accountability for every dollar spent. Dollars collected through county and business taxes.Continue reading “Let us pretend…”

It helps to know where you are.

Sometimes a person responds to a statement he or she knows of nothing. Yes, it might be best to just shut-up. Say nothing as if you are deaf. Plead ignorance. Just an uhha and nothing else. A quick nod of the head is often sufficient. I boarded a flight leaving Boston that was headed toContinue reading “It helps to know where you are.”