Twitter is mean to me.

I am crushed. Twitter has suspended my account. What for? Why? What did I say? I have never resorted to profane language nor threats or wish anyone harm. I never post questionable images or photos. No images at all. None. Nada. However, on occasion I use cartoonish metaphors. For example, for the words meaning BS,Continue reading “Twitter is mean to me.”

How many of you would like to move to Russia?

Let’s see a show of hands. If you do many rights and privileges will be taken away. Russia is an autocratic governed country. A political system some here recently would like to switch to. Getting rid of democracy as a result. Speak ill of the autocratic government and you might be poisoned or put inContinue reading “How many of you would like to move to Russia?”

From progress to regress

Metamorphosis.I don’t understand why some people change for the worse. Changing from helpful egalitarians into hardened separatist. Separatist who go out of their way to exclude people they don’t agree with. Which leads me to ask why are Republicans becoming more nefarious and leaning towards duplicity? It’s like a dark cloud of evil hiding theirContinue reading “From progress to regress”

It turned out okay

I voted for Biden but in spite of his humanness ways and studdering he will turn out okay. Most of us can identify with his foibles. However the previous nut-case left all of us in total confusion and bewilderment. Not sure the reasons people voted for the Trumpster. Of course I understand frustration with CongressContinue reading “It turned out okay”