So what is Cohousing anyway?

Wife and I live in a Cohousing community. It is not a hippie commune. We do not grow marijuana. Women do not wear granny dresses and go barefoot. No, none of that. It is an intentional community for seniors. Its intention is to know and help your neighbors. WE set on a seven acre campusContinue reading “So what is Cohousing anyway?”

The Black and Whites showed up.

So here they came cruising in like they owned the place. Brash, fearless, and most present. Some call them Polecats. Those of us here in our little village call them skunks. Little weasel critters roaming about stinking up the place. Causing fear and anxiety. So we called in the Skunk squad. The lead skunk rustlerContinue reading “The Black and Whites showed up.”

Where do we put the pork and beans

Downsizement We live in one of the four Cohousing cottages here at Oakcreek Cohousing Community. All homes side-by-side in a neat little row. They range from about 1k square feet to about 1500 square feet. Each with a front patio with its own design and painted color. Across the middle walk way is four moreContinue reading “Where do we put the pork and beans”