So what is Cohousing anyway?

Wife and I live in a Cohousing community. It is not a hippie commune. We do not grow marijuana. Women do not wear granny dresses and go barefoot. No, none of that. It is an intentional community for seniors. Its intention is to know and help your neighbors. WE set on a seven acre campusContinue reading “So what is Cohousing anyway?”

Read a book. You will like it.

Book Report. The book, Nomadland, surviving America in the twenty-first century. Non-fiction 2017 by Jessica Bruder A story of mostly middle age or older Americans either forced out of their homes due to the 2008 recession or just wanting to get rid of a house money pit. Then ending up buying a used RV orContinue reading “Read a book. You will like it.”

Pickleball relish

Just to mention it triggers embarrassment and a need to exit the room. So this is what can easily cause my flush face and a need to run. Sheba, my phantom no-name spouse plays Pickleball. Yes, you correctly heard what I said. Pickleball. Don’t ask how the name came about. Just trust me it’s calledContinue reading “Pickleball relish”