The next time I eat out, I’m bringing my own food.

Eating out has become more complicated. With the pandemic taking toll on restaurants, servers, back room crews, and worst of all tipping; all of this tosses a very big wet blanket over everything. Causing the hungry and in some cases the ‘food-preparing-inept to’ stop and think twice before eating out. Because of the pandemic someContinue reading “The next time I eat out, I’m bringing my own food.”

I didn’t get Smallpox.

We school kids did as was suggested. Take the vaccine. It first started with a note to our parents pinned to our shirts and taken home. Parents were to sign a permission slip for the vaccine and taken back by we kids to our teachers. Then on a designated day we kids all stood inContinue reading “I didn’t get Smallpox.”

Just a shot in the dark?

So, what is the excuse? What reasons are given to NOT get Covid vaccine? I read article after article about medical professionals growing weary of people dying from Covid-19 and the Delta Variant needlessly. “This shouldn’t be happening.” “There is a vaccine to prevent all this sickness.” Staff is over worked and fatigued.” . TooContinue reading “Just a shot in the dark?”

Please, this is not Civil War.

It’s almost like Collateral Damage. It would be like being shot at in the back by your own backup soldiers. Wait! Wait! The enemy is out there. Don’t shoot me and my frontline soldiers. Point your guns at the enemy. And the enemy is Covid-19 and its variants. What I am speaking of are peopleContinue reading “Please, this is not Civil War.”