The next time I eat out, I’m bringing my own food.

Eating out has become more complicated. With the pandemic taking toll on restaurants, servers, back room crews, and worst of all tipping; all of this tosses a very big wet blanket over everything. Causing the hungry and in some cases the ‘food-preparing-inept to’ stop and think twice before eating out. Because of the pandemic someContinue reading “The next time I eat out, I’m bringing my own food.”

So let me leave you with this tip.

We sat down at the table as shown us by the restaurant host and was given our menus. Shortly a young man came, introduced himself, and asked how we were doing. And as we always do we asked him the same. I’m Fan-taps-tic“ he replied with an over enunciated local southern tone as he pumpedContinue reading “So let me leave you with this tip.”