How to feed college kids.

I live in a college town. And I’m not a student. Just a retired guy. None the less I live in a bustling and busy town of post secondary students. As witnessed by others and me have notice about thirty-thousand teens and post teens shuffling about. Moving about on foot, on electric scooters, and motorbikes.Continue reading “How to feed college kids.”

Football Schmootball.

“I don’t understand the rules.” Granddaughter E-9 came back from the Common House where Gramma and many others were watching the big TV. Watching the local university play another university in football in the black-n-blue bowl. E-9 came back to Sheba’s and my little cottage. Granddaughter walked in and proclaimed, “I don’t understand the footballContinue reading “Football Schmootball.”

A rattle in my front-end.

I am going to sue the city I live in. Sue them for causing a front-end clatter in my Honda engine compartment. It’s their roads that have caused this clunking. Pitted, potholed, and problematic. Enough so to cause a well defined clatter or rattle. Sounds like a loose motor mount or wheel strut. Most noticeableContinue reading “A rattle in my front-end.”