But everything is painted a horrid blue.

Yes, I attended Pepperdine University. But not the campus located on the scenic western hills of Malibu, California and just up from the Pacific Coast Highway. Not the one with Spanish architectural designs with adobe and red tile buildings and dormitories. No not the one overlooking the vast expanse of the peaceful Pacific ocean. NoContinue reading “But everything is painted a horrid blue.”

Where is that guy who created Toy Story?

Whatever happened to John Lasseter? Remember John Lasseter? He and Steve Jobs started Pixar. The animation studios that produced Toy Story and other computer animated movies including Cars. Read the book ‘Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Many pages were devoted to explaining who John Lasseter was back then. But sadly he was released from DisneyContinue reading “Where is that guy who created Toy Story?”