No parents just adult siblings.

Send your problems to Pastor Chazz Dear PC, Our 12-year-old boy twins seem to have their own agenda. Homework is not getting done and too much time is spent online gaming and who knows what all else. I keep telling them they most likely will remain in middle school for like if homework is notContinue reading “No parents just adult siblings.”

Resume me.

My Resume For public office Charles ‘Chuck’ Ayers 10 Fifth Avenue Penthouse New York, NY 10001 Work Experience: President of Bank American Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman From 2010 to 2023 Brigadier General Army Reserve Fort Shafter; Honolulu, Hi Chief officer overseeing Nuclear arsenal From 2001 to 2010 Head coach San Francisco forty-niners HeadContinue reading “Resume me.”

Who sent this guy here?

Who was this man anyway. The first thing you notice about this guy he was obviously homeless. I would guess not from around here. The next was he appeared to be middle eastern. Olive complexion, long black unkempt ratted hair, unshaven, large prominent nose, black bushy eyebrows with deep set dark eyes, and if youContinue reading “Who sent this guy here?”

Twitters I tweet.

@average_chuck TheAverageChuck’s Tweets @average_chuck · 1m #GeorgeSantos Says he was the first man to walk on the moon. Plus starred in the movie Jailhouse Rock. And gave Willie Nelson his first big break in country music. What a guy! · 4h #GeorgeSantos said he was the first male contestant to win the ‘Miss America’ contest.Continue reading “Twitters I tweet.”

Politics of payback.

What has happened to the “Greater Good.” Why do we send elected representatives to Washington just to take revenge on the party in power. What happened to good legislation? What happened to the slogan “For the People.” How did all this morph into “payback and retribution.” What changed? How do we get back to forContinue reading “Politics of payback.”

Vote in spite of the liberal press.

It is the freaking press. It is the press that creates difficult mid-term voting for the opposition party. The liberal press theory is when the president and his party are in power the opposition wins more congressional seats than the party in power. And the press has been saying this finger painted blatherment for decades.Continue reading “Vote in spite of the liberal press.”

My sage advice.

Here is my mid-term advice.  Vote for a woman every time and seldom vote for a Republican.  Yes, it’s that simple.  I am convinced women are much smarter than men.  Especially somewhat youngish to middle-aged women.  Again, do not vote for Men who are elderly and fossilized into extreme narrow right-wing politics.  I would suggestContinue reading “My sage advice.”