This must be correct.

Public notice: As you know I am not one to create confusion or controversy. Right? So with my Ernest attempt to be politically correct and gender neutral, I am requesting my grandchildren to no longer refer to me as Pops, Papa, dear grandfather, or revered grandpapa. Instead I request them to refer to me asContinue reading “This must be correct.”

I’m almost certain our toilet will be shown onYouTube.

I’m worried about Sheba my lovely and dedicated anonymous spouse. What worries me about Sheba is that in the not too distant past she has left the toilet lid up a time or two. Opened to the world to see. We have a community filled with kitties. All belonging to nearby neighbors. I’m afraid theContinue reading “I’m almost certain our toilet will be shown onYouTube.”

You should whisper when holding an iPhone.

Is this 1984 revisited? Not only do walls have ears but so do iPhones. Many times while grazing through Facebook I had come across subject matter that was part of a discussion wife and I had previous. Thinking maybe just coincidence it shows up as an ad on Facebook. I know we had discussions aboutContinue reading “You should whisper when holding an iPhone.”

A Poem.

By C. Ronald Oldenfatt Please listen to me. Oh please, a warm conversation Is desired between two of us. We can Give and take from each other. By quietly speaking one’s feelings and emotions Into a Climax of mutual affirmation. And belief of one another. Speak from the heart. Listen from the heart. Let’s beContinue reading “A Poem.”

1950s voice recognition.

Some things were best left alone to its own unique device. A good idea gone bad? A communication instrument that was user friendly and had ease of operation. Very simple and fast. Just pick up and talk into the heavy black phone receiver and it would follow your commands. Usually. However this was 1952. Wilson,Continue reading “1950s voice recognition.”

Non-Binary Charles.

Non-binaryatarianism. In an earnest attempt to update my social image and to demonstrate how politically correct and most trendy that I am; I have decided for myself and others to become non-binary. Non-binary meaning my binary self has been reduced to a zero gender. It is most important for me to follow societal movements. SoContinue reading “Non-Binary Charles.”