Not certain of the ending yet.

I am reading a book.

A book titled Black, White, and the Grey. It’s about a New York white guy who wants to establish his own restaurant in Georgia. A restaurant cheffed by a black woman. A black woman who lives in New York but the two of them establishes a restaurant in Savanna, Georgia. Setting up a restaurant in an old Greyhound bus station. Once known to be segregated not allowing blacks in the front door. But naming the restaurant “The Grey” but serving all people of color and non-color. Both restaurateurs trying to serve foods with a southern down home flair made from fresh local ingredients. Garden to table. If you know what I mean.

The better part of the book is getting to know each other’s style and temperament. Then going through an exhaustive process of developing a viable menu. Actually visiting several towns in Italy and noteworthy restaurants and also many restaurants in cities in the southeast of the United States.

So I got to thinking. How would I go through this painful process of establishing my own Curmudgeon style restaurant? I would first travel to Las Vegas, Nevada. Go into the more established casinos and sample their buffets. The one’s with several large serving islands. Large self-serve islands with Mexican, Italian, Asian, and southern cooked comfort food. Most of these casino eateries start you off with a plate the size of a serving platter. The kind used to carve a turkey on. Then make sure each guest knows for certain it is ‘All you can eat.’ The unfortunate thing today it is not as cheap as it was a couple of decades ago. A giant platter of food at most casinos was at one time…free. But now it is like twenty bucks. But all you can eat.

But anyway this would be my model for a good restaurant. If you wish sushi mooshi veggie vegan gluten free froo froo stuff, drive to San Francisco instead. Bon Apatite.

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