Painted mostly black.

Back in my collegiate years and commuting from the little town of Inglewood to Pepperdine University I found it necessary to purchase a second car. While I was in college my wife drove our only car to her work in Westchester. Necessitating the need for a second car for me. Just a car for reliableContinue reading “Painted mostly black.”

Real man coffee.

I am going to re-gift my French blend coffee beans. Got them for Christmas and perhaps someone else I might know likes French blend. Right? I don’t. My coffee drinking mentor was my Okie farmer dad. He almost always drank his coffee black. Just coffee grounds straight from a can of Folgers. I am almostContinue reading “Real man coffee.”

So, which will it be? Black? Or white?

The fickle ‘Fashion Police’ is out on patrol. Do you remember the old TV police program titled “1-Adam-12? It was produced by Jack Webb(of Dragnet fame). It was about two LAPD patrol officers seemingly on perpetual patrol. But one distinguishing feature was their navy blue uniform accented by a white crew neck T-shirt under theirContinue reading “So, which will it be? Black? Or white?”