Glad to be an Indy.

I am most glad to not be a Democrat or a Republican. I have definite issues with both political parties. I’m not a liberal and I am certainly not a “Conservative.” Although I think there is no such thing as a conservative these days of relentless trolling. None the less I am proud to beContinue reading “Glad to be an Indy.”

We can work it out.

If you don’t want to compromise then maybe we can meet in the middle. Maybe a little give and take if you wish. Perhaps mutual concessions if you would like that better. I am almost certain we all, for the most part, want the same things. Good health and the ways and means of accomplishingContinue reading “We can work it out.”

Why vote to take away my benefits?

Why would I want to support and vote for someone who wants to suppress voting rights for many minorities? Why would I want to support and vote for someone who wishes to discourage immigrants seeking asylum in America and looking for a new life and beginning? Why would I support and vote for someone whoContinue reading “Why vote to take away my benefits?”