User friendly? Bah Humbug.

I have three desktops. A Mac Mini, a Windows ten, and a windows XP. Of the three the XP is easiest to operate. Fortunately for me the basic XP works quite well. With the exception of browsing on the net. Googling is somewhat easy but can’t click on the links. The old IE8 browser isContinue reading “User friendly? Bah Humbug.”

Glad to be an Indy.

I am most glad to not be a Democrat or a Republican. I have definite issues with both political parties. I’m not a liberal and I am certainly not a “Conservative.” Although I think there is no such thing as a conservative these days of relentless trolling. None the less I am proud to beContinue reading “Glad to be an Indy.”

Little House on the Avenue.

We six lived in a smallish two bedroom house in East L A. There were a Ma and a Pa and we four kids. Living in a house of about 740-square feet. Teeny tiny for sure. How did we do that back then? I was born shortly after my folks bought this post Spanish colonialContinue reading “Little House on the Avenue.”