Leaving the parched farm for fertile ground.

In search of the promise. It was not an easy decision. There were those who wished they would stay. But seven souls pushed off from the motherland in search of the promise land. It was on this date in 1941 and the voyagers were determined to find a new life elsewhere. Life was a mightyContinue reading “Leaving the parched farm for fertile ground.”

A poem from the Red Dirt Plaines.

Okie Poetry This sure am not Hollywood Nineteen forty-one was the year Carl, Sr. and his bashful bride Left the parched and dry farm. They arrived in the coast to the west with two Toddlers in tow. Carl, Jr. and Peggy Sue. The four of them fresh off The Route some called 66. One man’sContinue reading “A poem from the Red Dirt Plaines.”

What if they stayed?

Eighty-years ago today my mom and dad with two of my dad’s siblings along with my older sister and brother left Carter County Oklahoma. All were headed for California in hopes of a new life. Some found their new life and some returned to Oklahoma. Luckily my dad found steady and meaningful work in southernContinue reading “What if they stayed?”