Book Report.

Collaboration. The skill of a suspense writer co-authors with a country music legend who has been there and done that. She certainly knows of which she speaks. For any country music want-to-be, for the reader this book could possibly offer some advice on navigating the basics of “making it big” in country music. Maybe. ButContinue reading “Book Report.”

An apple for the teacher for sure.

A poem By Charles A. Third grade. I found a nickel I reached deep into my jeans pocket. And I found a nickel at the bottom. It was a complete surprise. Mom had recently washed and ironed these faded blue dungarees So how it kept from following out and Into the wash tub was almostContinue reading “An apple for the teacher for sure.”

Poet? Not me.

I write poetry but am not a poet. I am an Okie who writes things and stuff. Hopefully things and stuff that makes some kind of sense. However I am not good at making things and stuff rhyme. I’m more of a free verse kind of guy. None the less my things and stuff isContinue reading “Poet? Not me.”

A Poem.

By C. Ronald Oldenfatt Please listen to me. Oh please, a warm conversation Is desired between two of us. We can Give and take from each other. By quietly speaking one’s feelings and emotions Into a Climax of mutual affirmation. And belief of one another. Speak from the heart. Listen from the heart. Let’s beContinue reading “A Poem.”