What part of Socialism do you not like?

Maybe it’s the free public libraries you don’t like. All those people reading books for free. Just get your library card and check out a book or two. Your taxes pay for it. Maybe it’s all those free public schools. Kids going to local schools at no charge. Your property taxes usually pay for publicContinue reading “What part of Socialism do you not like?”

Read a book. You will like it.

Book Report. The book, Nomadland, surviving America in the twenty-first century. Non-fiction 2017 by Jessica Bruder A story of mostly middle age or older Americans either forced out of their homes due to the 2008 recession or just wanting to get rid of a house money pit. Then ending up buying a used RV orContinue reading “Read a book. You will like it.”

Attention Progeny.

Memo from the office of Papa. It’s nice outside. This is my favorite season of the year. Late summer/early fall. Autumn. It’s outside time without any doubt. Neighborhood parks and playgrounds should be filled with runners, jumpers, and walkers. Walk your dog. Chase your cat. Graze your goat. Or spruce your goose. What it’s NOTContinue reading “Attention Progeny.”