Read a book. You will like it.

Book Report. The book, Nomadland, surviving America in the twenty-first century. Non-fiction 2017 by Jessica Bruder A story of mostly middle age or older Americans either forced out of their homes due to the 2008 recession or just wanting to get rid of a house money pit. Then ending up buying a used RV orContinue reading “Read a book. You will like it.”

Rocketing the Rich.

Yes, I have been watching with casual disinterest to the Space-X three day orbiting with four non-astronauts. Just guessing trying to replicate the first manned space orbiters. You know John Glenn, Allen Sheppard, Gus Grisham, etc. People who knew what they were doing. But now with just passive ‘passengers’ along for the ride. Oh sureContinue reading “Rocketing the Rich.”

International Travel.

.I think I was about eleven or twelve years old when we made our first expedition into foreign worlds. The year was either 1955 or 1956 I think and President Eisenhower lived in the White House. The same man, by the way, who promoted and built the Interstate highway system, but that’s not the point.ItContinue reading “International Travel.”