Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.

`Story time rewrite.

The original version of the story just does not work. The rough edges need some buffing and sanding down in order to present it responsibly to your grandchildren. Kids today just could never go for guts and gore. So, sanitizing the original story is most necessary.
But all of this is dependent on today’s kids getting the story from you first. Otherwise, they will know the difference.
I had narrated a story of the three bears to my then four-year-old granddaughter and came to a spectacular ending (I thought). Giving her the all-new up-to-date version. Thinking she would surely love my version. However, she said after I finished the story, “That’s not the way it goes Papa.” Obviously having heard the story once before from another source. More likely hearing the Brothers Grimm version with its graphic descriptions of blood and guts. For example, the scene in the Little Red Riding Hood story where the wolf eats grandma and later is extricated from the wolf’s stomach with a mighty whack from the Woodsman’s razor-sharp ax. So out steps grandma as the wolf is disemboweled. Possibly dripping in stomach gook and blood. Are you following me?
My version first sets the focus on the recipe for the cookies and then how the wolf runs off with the cookies after being sat at grandma’s doorstep.
The story that is most gross is ‘Snow White.’

The evil queen asks the magic mirror who is the fairest of them all and the mirror responds ‘Snow White.’ So, the evil queen in response to this bad news has her woodsman go find Snow White and extract her heart and bring to the queen. But the woodsman finds a wild pig and rips out its heart and presents to the queen instead. Etc. etc. You know the story.
But anyway, my versions are more suitable for small children and possibly for older children as well. My re-written Brothers Grimm narratives are repackaged and Presented in a glossy early Hollywood sanitized sound stage presentation. Mine is not Silence of the Lamb but more like Leave it to Beaver.
So don’t give me that’s not the way it goes Papa! I know what I’m doing. I’m editor-in-chief. So there! Ha!

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