Not a freeway but a payway.

The road most traveled. There is this road, a turnpike, between Stillwater and Tulsa.  About a sixty minute drive.  A drive filled with pits and potholes.  A road that would benefit from Biden’s infrastructure spending plan.  However the insulting thing is it is a Pay-as-you-go turnpike.  A driver has to feed the toll plaza threeContinue reading “Not a freeway but a payway.”

Murder mystery and humor.

Book report.This is a series of mystery murder books that I can only describe as danger with humor. Sort of ‘Murder-Lite. Never the less, the leading character is Andy Carpenter a “want-to-be” retired trial attorney living in Patterson, New Jersey with his wife, Lori a retired police officer, , and son Ricky along with twoContinue reading “Murder mystery and humor.”

For the very old only.

Proposed holiday. We have president’s day. M L King Day. The fourth, Labor, Memorial and on and on. Here is what I propose: National pajama day. A day specifically for seniors. And I mean us old folks. I suggest at least one day a week when we fogies remain in our PJs. All day. ComfyContinue reading “For the very old only.”

Texting Schmexting.

Smart gadget. Sheba, my undisclosed spouse, is now absorbed into hand held devices. The very same devices she once railed against when daughters and later grandkids were buried face down over while sitting at our dining table. Daughters and their kids fiddled, tapped, and swiped on while hunched over picking at grandma’s quickly cooling SundayContinue reading “Texting Schmexting.”

Don’t do my thinking.

Yes, I’m white, male, old, and NOT Republican. Far from it. But not Democrat either. I am not a party joiner of any ridgid political dogma. There are talking points in both parties I disagree with. But I’m not going to debate those at this time. But my point is this, don’t expect me toContinue reading “Don’t do my thinking.”