More stupider than most.

Creative language arts. I was not an English major in college.  Rarely spoke in public.  Couldn’t spell.  Not good at diagramming sentences.  Didn’t know parts of speech.  Had a hard time understanding punctuations and where to place the Period.   Grammar was mutilated.  Took two remedial English classes and had to drop both or take anContinue reading “More stupider than most.”

Her hands were doing something wwhile endlessly talking

I don’t know how she did this. I had my teeth cleaned yesterday by a certified dental hygienist.  So, I was accompanied by my wife in the tooth cleaning room.  All the while I was being scraped and flossed, the young dental person talked endlessly with my wife.  How did she do that?  It wasContinue reading “Her hands were doing something wwhile endlessly talking”

Quality control lost its feathers.

Chicken prepared out of compliance. I asked for the original Kentucky Fried Chicken.  What I got was Kentucky Fried Crud.  Something like summer camp chicken on a stick.  Not anything like the original baked chicken prepared with “Eleven secret herbs and spices” as advertised in the 1960s.  None the less, KFC has certainly refined itsContinue reading “Quality control lost its feathers.”

They were like a family pet but laid eggs.

We had a backyard full of chickens.  Dozens and dozens of hens and a few roosters.  All behind our little adobe house in East Los Angeles.  It’s what Okies did in the big city 1952.  So we had eggs.  So we had fried chicken after church on Sunday.  The main beneficiaries from chicken droppings wereContinue reading “They were like a family pet but laid eggs.”

Who needs an ordinary Taco Truck?

So here is my idea for a food truck. Make it local.  Make it Oklahoma.  Historical recipes taken from my southern Plaines ancestors.  Recipes handed down from generation to generation. It would be called “The Big Bean Boy.”  Fresh ingredients grown local.  Brown beans, onions, garlic, chicken broth, buttermilk, and cornmeal.  A food truck forContinue reading “Who needs an ordinary Taco Truck?”