A Poem.

Soaring. A poem, By C. Ronald Curmudgeon As a cloud schooner Soaring into new once never achieve heights. Seemingly effortlessly levitating into An Azure sky. While floating ever so gracefully over crowds of Olympians on measured fields of lime green turf. The sleek cloud craft It soars ever so Effortlessly and it wings so easilyContinue reading “A Poem.”

Book Report.

I don’t often like drawing comparisons but this book is possibly Charlie Brown and Lucy grown up as teens. The small town girl genius is secretly in love with the small town boy and her only friend at high school. The Lucy character is Delaney Doyle and the Charlie Brown character is Cash Pruett. TheContinue reading “Book Report.”

Roadside Poetry

If you are among the unfortunate who had never experienced cross-country road travel back in the 1950s and 1960s you missed the little red Burma Shave signs. Sequential placards with whimsical limericks sponsored by Burma Shave. The little red signs were usually spaced fifty or sixty feet apart and usually tacked to wooden fence posts.Continue reading “Roadside Poetry”