It’s what grandparents do.

Post card from the Land of Enchantment. Sheba, my unidentified wife, and myself are here to act as buffer between parent and our grandkids. Conflict resolution is our specialty. If parents seem unreasonable, Sheba and I will take the opposite tact. Acting as the defence for the accused. And the accused being our lovely andContinue reading “It’s what grandparents do.”

The Royals.

First of all and foremost Prince Charles is a skunk’s anus. Second, Princess Diana was a wonderful human being and I was in love with her. Her untimely demise absolutely crushed me. But this was twenty years ago and don’t tell Sheba my backstage wife about this secret admiration. Number three, the Queen is aContinue reading “The Royals.”

Where do we put the pork and beans

Downsizement We live in one of the four Cohousing cottages here at Oakcreek Cohousing Community. All homes side-by-side in a neat little row. They range from about 1k square feet to about 1500 square feet. Each with a front patio with its own design and painted color. Across the middle walk way is four moreContinue reading “Where do we put the pork and beans”

What if they stayed?

Eighty-years ago today my mom and dad with two of my dad’s siblings along with my older sister and brother left Carter County Oklahoma. All were headed for California in hopes of a new life. Some found their new life and some returned to Oklahoma. Luckily my dad found steady and meaningful work in southernContinue reading “What if they stayed?”

From progress to regress

Metamorphosis.I don’t understand why some people change for the worse. Changing from helpful egalitarians into hardened separatist. Separatist who go out of their way to exclude people they don’t agree with. Which leads me to ask why are Republicans becoming more nefarious and leaning towards duplicity? It’s like a dark cloud of evil hiding theirContinue reading “From progress to regress”

No more tater tots

Call me old and stuck but…Knowing that the gender police have arrived is unsettling. But first let me offer this narrative:Back when I was about age eight my dad and I were wandering about in the grocery store while my mom was mulling over what was needed from the butcher counter. So my dad andContinue reading “No more tater tots”

Who the heck said that?

The little Town Church in the vale.Many years ago and back in the early 1950s our family regularly attended a small fundamentalist church in East L A on Olympic Boulevard just across the street from the Baptist church. Our parents insisted we siblings must attend church without any excuse or resistance.Next-door to our little churchContinue reading “Who the heck said that?”