Drop those gloves! Now!

Sheba, my phantom spouse, is a card carrying officer of the local Fashion Police. She came up behind me and shouted ‘FREEZe!’ “Put those gloves down, NOW!” She brought to my attention I was putting on brown gloves. So, I replied. She sternly instructed, brown gloves do not go with a black overcoat. But IContinue reading “Drop those gloves! Now!”

Showing on the big screen

Showing at the Drive-in.Early last spring Sheba, my secret wife, flew with our 13-year old granddaughter to California for a spring break. This was early pandemic and visiting various places in California was either limited or closed. But one place that was available and a place she had never visited was the local drive-in theaterContinue reading “Showing on the big screen”

When it looks empty.

When the Peter Pan jar seems empty. Something I’ve been doing since I was ten.  Scraping the buttery dregs of the peanut butter jar with a table knife and licking the sparse remains off the knife.  Laying claim to an empty jar of peanut butter, grabbing me a table knife, and with the hope ofContinue reading “When it looks empty.”

Bring the money back where it belongs.

It’s our money. I have no problem taxing the rich and large corporations. The money they gained came from you and me. They encouraged us to invest in risky investments and often we lost. They charged us high interest on payday and short term loans. Shareholders got dividends on our saving accounts and nnot us.Continue reading “Bring the money back where it belongs.”